1v2 1v3 1v4 ect, what have you done?

Started by snapsalot, March 22, 2010, 07:53:14 PM

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Well was just curious how you other dudes have done so far against the 6.1.1  ai.

Myself I just did a 1v2 on my 2nd try. My first try i almost did it against two terrans but after 50 minutes or so i lost. The 2nd try was against a protoss and a zerg and i won it in roughly 50 mins.

What about you guys anyone done a 1v3 or even a 1v4?


i realise nobody has replied but i thought id post anyways incase anyone at all is interested.

I just won a 1v3 against zerg zerg protoss standard ai 6.1.1

going for a 1v4 tomorrow or later tonight possibly.


Lol soz, did not see this. well since i reacon this post was made to gloat a little, i have beaten 1v3 against all races with standard ai 6.1.1

But moving on since i only play official maps :'<
I have beaten 1v2 against 2x Zirks, 2x Protos and 2x Terran on Cheating ai 6.1.1

While its not something i am really proud of, its just finding the AI's weakness and using it against them.
Going to try out Starcrack AI 7 today.



good job so far.

hopfully version 7 isnt as weak as 6 was.


So far I have beaten 1v3 Standard 7.0 and 1v2 Cheating AI 7.0

wondering if anyone has been able to beat 3 cheating AI they seem to have to many resources to beat 3 at a time.


i havent tryed yet. havent played much sense ai7 came out, but i did just try my first 1v2 with ai7 on insane mode going against a terran and toss, and won that one.

Geuss its time to step up my game and go for 1v3 ai cheating :D


just got 3 insane ai 7.0 with get this... 0 losses LOL well excluding 1 stupid zelot i forgot about and 3 probes.

But yeah those where my only loses in 1v3 a zelot and 3 probes :D

It was against 1 of each race.


Quote from: snapsalot link=topic=1381.msg14243#msg14243   date=1269858783
just got 3 insane ai 7.0 with get this... 0 losses   LOL well excluding 1 stupid zelot i forgot about and 3 probes.

But   yeah those where my only loses in 1v3 a zelot and 3 probes :D

It was against 1 of each   race.
How did you do it? With what race?
  Were the other 3 allied against you?


i was protoss im almost always protoss. and yes they where all allied vrs just myself.

I did a fast expantion build then did a massive defence with a fast tech carriors. I had around 12 carriots with multiple upgrades plus a mothership by the time they where just starting to make air.

I also spammed my nexus fast speed upgrade to make probes much faster in begining, then later on i started using it on my forge/cybernetics plus my air buildings.


the other way to do a 1v3 on hardmode,(that i have figured out atleast) is to cannon rush two of your three enemies while finding a way to hold off the 3rd enemy. ( have them chase a probe, a zelot or find the money to give yourself a slight bit of defences)

this will take a extreme amount of persision though and even the slightly mistake or loss of time will result in a loss.


when you say 1v3 do you mean like a free for all match or melee. If you mean melee, how do you set the game up to were the computers team up against you.... i dont mean to sound like a noob. dont judge me. :(


use this launcher.


and no 1v2 1v3 ect refers to just you vrs multiple computers on the same team.


If you are talking about starcrack, 1v2 is kinda easy, then 1v3 takes some back and forth action to clean them up.
If u want some challenge try 1on2 Strategy AI, if you are Korean pros try 1on3.
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