Standard Opening and Follow up Suggest

Started by ptanhkhoa, May 28, 2010, 05:40:15 AM

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MMBalls basic opener from Husky
Terran Tutorial - Basic Opener - StarCraft 2

[05.04] imba.Adolf[RA](T) vs Mana(P) part 1/3

Tank+marine vs Marauder
[10.04] imba.Adolf[RA](T) vs Druzdil(T) part 1/3

[15.05] imba.Adolf[RA](T) vs Failo(T) part 1/4

Two mech game.

MMballs + Banshes
[HD] Starcraft 2 - Fayth vs IdrA PT1

Some mix you can see in VOD. There are Russian commentary in some vods :) Also i write short overview about mix in here, more inforamation in VODs.

1. MM balls - basic unit maraduer and marine on 1:1 or 2:1 ratio. In midgame add 2-3 ghost for EMP (only against protoss) and medivacs.
2. In mech strategy basic unit is siege tank. Can mixed with marine or marauder and sometimes hellions.  In midgame combo tank+marine\marauders can mixed by thors, ghost or some air.
3. Air strategy. Its banshes or vikings. IMO better way to air it MMballs midgame. In this way, we have strong ground army.

IMO its basic strategys for terran and AI must played it on a perfect level :)

P.S. some videos are split on a parts. To see next part click on video and find next part on YouTube in right bar with videos.
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.


Any Idea of combo or mix units with Zerg?

Zergling + Muta
Roach + Hydra

what else?



in midgame roach+ultralisk with mass hydra.
                   zerling+banelings+ultralisk with hydra and infestors (if he can use abilities).
IMO looking good next BO.
1. One base mass roach or zerling presure -> expand -> hydra or muta. IMO hydra better in battle, but muta perfect harassment unit.
2. 13 pool, 14 hatcery on expand, zerlings -> mass hydra or muta.

I`m hate play by zerg :) Because i cant tell more about zerg mix. Zerg players plz help! :)
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Want some mix with Vinkings too?
I am Terran & Protoss user. I have played some game with Zerg but I don't know strategy and over, just some tactics.

Have you tried Protoss?

What is IMO? I am not familiar with abbrevation. :p


IMO=in my opinion :)

For zerg find on youtube games by Idra and Dimaga. Its a very strong zerg player.
Now vikings very important in TvT, siege tank+airmode viking+some marauders or marine.
Agains zerg viking airmode are powerful to, best overlords hunter in game.
Against protoss vikings strong against voidrays, if protoss go to air, terran must have vikings. But in ground mode viking weak and some players consider it useless. I think harassment by vikings is interesting tactic.

Later i`ll write my army mix by protoss, they my favorite race :)
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.


All version inclued Air counter. I told about Viking as unit parts not as counter unit.
When you start Air, A.I will counter with 2* your AirArmy. (ex: If you got 1 Void-Ray, make 2 Vikings)
I have tried 2marauder per 1 marine. It's not good, not enought marine. I make ratio: 2marauder/2marine.
I have inclued your feedback in mix. I just tried it yesterday. I never win :D
Added 2 Turbo reaper (just stop repear when armored ready):
1 make banshee rush and mix marauder/marine+medivac
2 make tank rush and mix marauder/marine/thor+medivac. (Very hard I never win both)

ptanhkhoa works on GreenTea Core included lot of improve and others... :D
I'll let him to explain and release it.


before patch 10, in GreenTea 0.3 or 0.4 version, ptanhkhoa use very strong tank rush. Fast tank with mass marine. All gas spent in 2-3 tank with siege mode, marine non-stop build from 2-3 barracks. When siege mode and 2-3 tanks ready he also has ~15-20 marine and go to attack. This attack was usually the last, i am very long time could not beat his army. Try to add this mix, i think it would be great.
In midgame can add to mix 2-3 ghosts for EMP, marauders if opponet build armored unit, hellion if opponet build light unit, some banshes or thor.

About vikings. Try use mass marine with mass groundmode vikings. But im not sure what that good mix. Unfortunately, in groundmode viking are slow and has`t powerfull attack. Also try viking harrasment. Build 4-6 vikings, land they on minerals to kill probe or buildings.
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My unit building is different than others... I make units from variable not as determined number....
I make units from variable determined buildings units or counter. (that is really better than other, hardest is unknowing ratio or tring to find it ).

New version with your feedback and protoss cleaning:

Inclued lastest version from GreenTea Core. (core always under development)
Good news incoming, Pk will release it in few moment as it's finish.

Thx a lot of my Pk.


Plz write what strategys are used in latest version?

im played few PvP and TvP. Protoss are looking good. But unfortunately, i can tell only about DarkTemlars, Colossus and immortal rush.

DarkTemplars not hard for me, because when i see TwilightConcul i build fast observer. Ai can build proxy Dark Shrine? In could be awesome!

About colossus and immortals. Nice start! Presure from 3 gate in early game then he build robotics. Its good. BUT! In midgame he has 6-9 warpgates and one robotics. Not good. IMO 3 gate in start, then robotics, then 1-2 gate and additional robotics could be much better.
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.


Just lastest build with terran expand fixed.
There is some Zerg openings too (6 for the moment).

I just wanna your feedback for making some changes. (I will release stable build with details strategys later)


now I can`t play so often as i would like. Maybe 2-3 games per day.

Hard to me give you right feedback if i dont know what you changed and what strategys AI can use. Plz write me in personal message what changes you do, this greatly helps me in writing the feedback.
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.


Feedback protoss now, if you have time zerg. I have already update terran.

Lastest build have different name (protoss) which could help you to feedback.

Just infos (incoming can change):


Immortal Rush
3 Warpgate
One Base Colossus
1 WarpGate Stargate Mass Zealot + Carrier
2 Warpgate Stargate Counter + Carrier
Dark-Templar Fast Expand
3 Warpgate Counter + Mass Immortal
One Base Colossus High Templars + Archon
Dark-Templar Fast Expand Counter + Dark Templars + Archon


3 Barracks switch Mech play
1 Rax Marauder + Tank
Siege Expand + Mech Play
Zatic Build (M&M Balls on Marauder)
Turbo Reaper + Tank Rush
Turbo Reaper + Banshee Rush
Thor EMP Fast Expand
Siege Expand + Marauder
Mass Marine + Fast Battlecruiser (M&M Balls on Marine)


15 Hatch (Roach + Hydra)
15 Hatch (Zergling + Mutas)
Roach Pressure (Roach + Hydra)
Base Roach (Roach + Hydra)
14 Gas Speed (Zergling + Mutas)
8 pool (Zergling + Mutas)
Baneling Rush (Zergling + Baneling + Hydra)

After feedback, Zerg mix will be better. (Shadow will be our official  beta tester) :D



The Commander version in Green Tea AI 0.47 ( not inculed Darka commader )

Son : High Templar Nightmare : => going to High Templar as soon as possible
Viet: Dark Templar => You will see he will send Dark Templar to attack your worker if you don't have any detect yet.
Khanh : Fast Collossi => Yes, a lot of Collossi, but maybe it only have one, the trick is he using sentry to multiple them to scared you :P
Hai : Void Ray + Carrier => he maybe the only commander that use total air.
Duy: Immortal + HighTemplar, while the immortal is tend to mineral cost, the High Templar tend to gas cost so this mix is good, Immortal will focus on larger unit like Thor, Collosus, Ultralisk, while High Templar using to kill group of enemy ( Marine, Zergling, ... etc )
Quyen : A complete Robotic user, Collosus and Immortal
Nguyem : Immortal and Carrier, she trying to be in between ground and air unit.


Black Reaper: the same at the previous version but build reaper a little faster, I try the 8 barracks but it complete fail, not enough defend. Have making it attack the drone but it won't move after that. So let it default by bombing building only.

White Banshee: the only different to previous version is having cloak enough.
Grey Tanker : Faster Tanks, spend all his gas early on tank research, you will see a couple about 3 - 4 tanks at beginning.
Yellow Battle Cruiser : try this, but it lack of strength because he must have a huge amount of resources, not to mention the slow build time, but i still add to making fun anyway.

Red Thor : This commander have a favour of Thor Units, and having Strike Cannon "Researched" too.

_ The Protoss commander have opening build depend on the opponent. Try using Zergling rush, you will see they build forge first, but when you expand fast, expect 3 gate from them.

_ The Terran Commander using the same opening. having Command Center at the 15, that when the barracks finish. They easily beating by rush, because not yet walling, they will try to block out but usually block by the 4 depot above and one more bunker ( still very silly). Ofcourse when fighting Protoss, they will build Ghost for sure.

@ Shadow, for you to test easier:

AISetDifficulty(player, c_diffLimitAPM,  true);    To make the AI scout, you will find in the Trigger folder 3 file Zerg.galaxy, Terran.galaxy, Protoss.galaxy, find the   line
AISetFlag(player, e_flagsScouting, false);
Set it to true
AISetFlag(player, e_flagsScouting, true);
In these file you can modify to play with specific General too, for   example:
  if ( rnd == 1) // Black Reaper
    { AISetMainState(player,   e_mainState_OpenGnd0, e_mainSubState_Unset); }
    else if ( rnd ==   2) // Grey Tanker
    { AISetMainState(player, e_mainState_OpenGnd1,   e_mainSubState_Unset); }
    else if ( rnd == 3) // White Banshee
     { AISetMainState(player, e_mainState_OpenGnd2, e_mainSubState_Unset);   }
you can modified all to OpenGrn0 to play with Black Reaper only
if ( rnd == 1) // Black Reaper
    { AISetMainState(player,   e_mainState_OpenGnd0, e_mainSubState_Unset); }
    else if ( rnd ==   2) // Grey Tanker
    { AISetMainState(player, e_mainState_OpenGnd0,   e_mainSubState_Unset); }
    else if ( rnd == 3) // White Banshee
     { AISetMainState(player, e_mainState_OpenGnd0, e_mainSubState_Unset);   }


@ ptanhkhoa

Commander like Son, Duy, Nguyem can use fast expand first? If not it will be very weak, because for they army required a lot of resourse, one base cant provide enought resourse for they mix.
What about MMballs for terran?

i played some game, maybe 10.

1. "One Base Colossus" never build colossus, but having robobay :) expand action strangely, he can expand on all map and can never exp.
2. "WarpGate Stargate Mass Zealot + Carrier" hmm, i dont know. Very easy to beat by stalkers and sentry. Blocking zeals by sentry, kill carrier by stalkers. IMO this strategys must be deleted, not good idea build carriers from one base and also two base. Carriers are strong when they are 5-6, better 7-9. You must have 3-4 base first for build enought carriers.
3. All commander build robotics but never build unit from it. I never see immortals and colossus.

In all time Ai use zeals+sentry+stalkers by ground and dark temlars if it Dark-Templar Fast Expand. But 3 warpgate and all counter commander are pretty good.
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.


Thx for feedback. I'll fix them. (Thor is the same way and now, it's build it, on my last M&M balls based on marine, A.I build banshee + battlecruiser)
If you wanna select a strategy in particular like PK just comment like this:

//  Zerg Init
static void ZergInit (int player) {
    int state;
    int rnd = RandomInt(1, 5);
    int d = AIPathingCostMap(PlayerStartLocation(player),PlayerStartLocation(GTEnemyID(player)));


  //  Zerg Init
  static void ZergInit (int player) {
      int state;
      //int rnd = RandomInt(1, 5);
int rnd = 13; //or number to strategy you wish test
      int d =   AIPathingCostMap(PlayerStartLocation(player),PlayerStartLocation(GTEnemyID(player)));

Any idea of strategy to replace zealot + carrier

I have made some openings of zerg, can you test it?
I knew that is same mix of units (some commentarys + idea of mix can be appreciate)

ptanhkhoa rules!!