Standard Opening and Follow up Suggest

Started by ptanhkhoa, May 28, 2010, 05:40:15 AM

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In this post, you can suggest some opening for the Generals to use.

Each Opening should have 2 or 3 followup depend on the situation:

_ For example :

Opening Reaper Rush ( vs Protoss )

    * 8 - Barracks
    * 8 - Refinery
    * 8 - 3SCV
    * 10 - Depot
    * 11 - Tech Lab
    * 11 - Reaper
Folow up 1 ( when enemy rush ( 2 gate ) )
Folow up 2( when enemy Cybernectice core and 1 stalker )
Folow up 3 ( when enemy have cannon )


okay well, here's mine.

Standard protoss against whichever

9 pylon
12 gate
12/13 gas
15 cybernetics
17 robotics (depends, since you might wanna build a zealot to block your choke depending on what your scout found)
from there, I get an observer out and if I see they're turtling then I
--build about 3 more gateways
--robo bay for collosus
--more gateways

if not then i forgo expanding. From there, I just choose between collossus or immortals, a forge somewhere in there and a whole lot of stalkers. a couple of obs too since invi banshees have been popular lately >_<


I think that if ur not planing to rush, then u should be continuously  produce workers to get ur eco up preparing for mid game.

As terran, i like to build 3 rax - producing marauders and marines then transition to medicvacs and tanks. obviously if u scout and see e.g. ur opp going for air then tech to aa units. I'd like to think that if my opp is teching straight to air, his not gona have aa great deal of army in the early stage, thus i tend to push/ harass b4 he gets those air units.

10 Supply Depot
12 Barracks
14 Supply Depot
15 Refinery
16 Scout
17 Marine
17 Orbital Command
17 Tech Lab (First Barracks)
17 Supply Depot
18 2nd Barracks
18 Marauder
20 3rd Barracks
20 Supply Depot
24 Reactor on 2nd Barracks
26 Supply Depot

( if anyone has a better strategy or build to mine pls comment. cheers )  :cheers:


Actually, I was like what eskimo said there as I recently discovered that for myself. A lot of times, people tend to just wait to get till they're like 100 supply before they move out but just because you don't have that 100 supply army yet, doesn't mean you should sniff around with it because chances are, your opponent is probably doing the same thing or teching up. If he's doing the same thing then I suggest you expand but if he's teching up then you should definitely push as even if you only have a handful of marines, they're still scary when your opponent only has buildings xD

In the end though, it's really all about game sense, knowing when to push out or stay on defensive ;) And scouting helps too! Also, since you're terran, it's worth noting that building a barracks to fly over your opponents base is way cheaper than using a scan since a mule is worth 300 minerals while a barracks is only 150 besides, terran buildings fly faster in sc2 so.. yeah :D


I have added more opening.
Wait until new release of GreenTea to fight more strategy.
Could be named DarkTea now :D


Eskimo, i think scout should be out when first barrac is done. 16 scout is realy late, its not good, because you dont know what opponent doing. Orbital command MUST build when barracs is done, because Orbital give you 270 minerals with Mule. 17 marine...maybe 13 or 14?? IMO it could be better.

Sory for my english :)
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.


Cause of A.I only make peons as 38 (3 * 8 minerals (peons saturation) 2* 3gas + 8* 1minerals for expand) making orbital don't improve anything at the beggining... (make orbital when finish peons).

Build.order can't be exactly as a human build order cause A.I will be build more fast than a human (more ressource at same time because peon on 1mineral at start)



Played many PvT on latest version of AI. Main bug - terran NEVER go to expansion.

1. Mech terran is very, very weak. Mass hellion with 2-3 tanks is worst mix. IMO mass maraduer+tanks+few hellion and thor could be much better. If opponets go to air add Vikings.

2. Mass and fast banshes also weak because ground army is virtually absent. 10 hellion and 8-10 marine? I can beat this terran before being built first banshe. To counter banshes i build stalkers, but marine+hellions very weak agains stalkers. Main bug in this commander - AI build mass starports instead army. Why did he builds 6-8 Starport if no resources to build the army?

3. Marauder + Tank. More tanks! And i think 2-3 thors or 4-6 banshes in this mix would looking good.

In all games of top terran player what i see, base ground unit of terran army is marauder. Its a great and powerful unit, he looks great in all of army mix. MM balls strategy base on marauder, not marine. IMO 3 marader on 2 marine is better ratio on MM balls strategy. Maraduers must builds from 2 rax with techlab and marine from one rax with reator in early game.

This post is just my opinion, but I think that my ideas are correct and I hope that they will help to improve the Ai.
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.


Thx for feedback.

This is our first version (can be improve).
Can you test protoss A.I to give us other feedback. (Terran will be improve soon).
About Marauders, I make ratio 2 marines per 1 marauder. You thought the opposite?


Ratio 2 marauders per 1 marine or 1 marader per 1 marine much better than 2 marines per 1 marauder ratio against ground forces. But if opponents go to air with ground army, 2 marines per 1 marauder is better. Maraders with stimpack can kill everything! :)

When i start playing to SC2 I thought about maraders:marine ratio like you. But when i start see VODs i understood what base unit of terran "biological" army must be marader. In ground by ground marader very strong and powerfull, really hard for protoss beat MM balls based on maraeders without Colossus or PsiStorm or mass viodrays. Its also important to understand what marauder good DamageDiller and "tank". When all enemy fire concentrate on marauders, marine can do much more than without much number of marauders. Also marauders much strong against PsiStorm than marine. 1-2 psistorm can kill all marine army with 45(55)hp but cant kill marauders with 125hp.  I hope you understood what i mean :)

My friend played few TvP and says what protoss Ai is pretty good. I give feedback when played with protoss AI by myself in the next couple of days.
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.


I have made Thor EMP build too. (not ready yet)
Can you give us more idea of combo? (vs different race)!!!

@Shadow, thx for your explicit feedback, if everybody can copy you, it will be great.

More idea about Zerg PLZ. (I will try to make some)


Yes. During one - two days i`ll give you feedback about protoss Ai and idea of army mix for terran first. Also i try find VODs on YouTube where shows B.O. and strateges and right use of army.
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.


Post some link of VOD for example or some replay (without A.I plz)


IF i find interesting VODs i post link. If not i write unit mix and B.O.
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.