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Started by ptanhkhoa, May 28, 2010, 05:40:15 AM

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darka you zerg is worst. Major problem in larva. In early game zerg prefer build drones. When i have 3-5 zealots he have 2 zerlings and queen.
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.


Played against new 0.47 version. Awesome! Very nice expansion action, army mix and rebuild strategy to counter my action. For example, he very fast build counter for my units. I build immortals for counter his colossus and after that he add voidrays in army to counter my immortals.

Nice, very nice job! Cheers to ptanhkhoa :)
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.


Actually, I did't even think of that :P, maybe the Voidray being part of the army mix.

So it also a good idea to switch strategy and stop producing something and focus on other thing depend on enemy army.


hm. When i beat him he say his name - Full Robotics User. But he has some voidrays in stalkers+immortals+colossus army and 3 starports on mainbase ))
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.


Use commanders  is a good a Idea only for the begin (openings, harassment).
But i think that AI need to change strategy in real time... Similar like AMAI in WC3, depends of the enemy forces.

Green Tea AI the best AI .. good job.

Sorry for my bad english.


I can do that but another problem, for example, when the Ai is folowing an air build and don't build any Robotic Facility yet, when it face enemy force that require Robotic Facility, it has to build this first before produce counter unit => Very slow to counter. And maybe the opponent will change strategy again and AI force to build another building ? If I enough all build building, the computer don't have enough resources to build it first time.

So can you give me an advice to this :)


considering that the AI have map hack ( if not need scout ).
Like a real game. need to harass expansions, scvs, probes, etc.with this we win time to make a counter enemy units, or forcing the enemy to change her current build.
If make the AI to harass, this can expand more fast and win in Macro (more resources).
.. A example
I played vs Zerg AI and i was forced to protect my base with cannons, because every time that i move my forces to attack, zerg harrass me with Mutalisk. i lose time protecting mi base. In this time i think the the AI expand and win me beacuse got more units.

I think that a game is based on harassment...

I hope letting me   understand.
excuse my bad english... I speak Spanish


All game are based on hassment.... it's Starcraft man.
Expand during wave attack, expand when have enought units, expand when harrass, I love this game!
Maybe you mind a easiest version? We are working on this, making easy/normal/hard/insane. (not ready yet)
ptanhkoa only works on Harass and Rush strategy: GreenTea.
I work on tech strategy: DarkTea. (I will release next version for this week-end)
We will release complete version with both version when been stable.
So just keep an eye on forum to grab lastest build until stable version release.

ptanhkoa have go out this week and I am working during the day, I can only work by night (I have only 2 - 3 hours for sleep).
So be patient, well is incoming !!! :D


Quote from: darka on June 10, 2010, 01:59:51 PM

Maybe you mind a easiest version? We are working on this, making easy/normal/hard/insane. (not ready yet)

  good good, make insane AI version  :thumbsup:
   i wanna test it when you complete it :jig:
  loose time protecting base? multitasking ftw .... and with protoss you  can warp stalkers to defend and kill that annoying mutas...
  PD: ya era hora de encontrar a alguien que hablara espaƱol... de donde eres?