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Started by nankura, December 09, 2011, 02:01:27 AM

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Hey guys

I've been away from gaming for a long time, but i do remember the closed beta for SC2 and i found an old installer StarCraft II Beta enUS 13891

That specific version

I was wondering if theres a good guide that still works in installing that, patching, and getting a decent, workable AI going so that i can get my friends together and play lan. i cant afford the game right now, and cant download the full game due to download limits

And as i remember, for a long time there was problems with AI not expanding bases, etc

So im just curious if theres a clear, simple guide with working download links to get that version up and going still


if you want to have a LAN party with friends and play SC2 i would recommend you to actually download Starcraft 2 Retail, patch it up, and use this LAN "crack" which supports multiple players (if i remember correctly you cant play with people on the Beta client)